Aims & Object

Aims & Objects of the Society

A) Science & Technology                           

B) Health                                                   

C) Education:       

D) Rural Development                             

E) Women & Child Development:               

F) Environment:

G) Art & Culture:                                        

H) Agriculture:



A. Science & Technology:
i) To transform CSC-VLE and common people into a dgitally empowered society and knowledge economy with time suit technology.
ii) To organized seminar, conferences, meeting demonstration CSC-VLE opin- ion to the various problems involving CSC program by way of applying scientific education emphasis on citizen-centric services.
. iii) To encourage the ICT which improve communications and ex-change of infor- mation for strengthening and creating new economic and social networks activity- from personal use to business and government as it makes it possible for users to acquire products and services directly from the original provider, reducing the need for intermediaries with updated science and technology in proper manner improving the day to day life style and livlihood.


B. Health:
i) Holding of seminar to people to create awareness among the public regarding sanitary measure, safe drinking water, maintenance of hygiene at home/public lace, various contagious diseases, awareness program, prevention of social evils like Addiction, health hazards, environment protection, rural technology and CSC
allied program as per guideline given by CSC-SPV as well as Central or State Govt. and or amend time to time by national e-governance program.


C. Education:
i) The association shall time to time organize educational and different skill development programes to highlight mass efficient education and social aware -ness of the people and society.
ii) To impart IT education to the VLE, common people specially unemployed youth of the area.


D. Rural Development:
i) To promote activities for socio-economic empowerment of the society both in rural and urban by providing various multi-lingual delivery of end-to-end services for income enhancement specially in rural areas, the CSC-VLE and their future economic gurantees for their self employment and absorption focus on entre- preneurship.
ii) To organize awareness-cum-Training/ Workshop/ Conference programe,camps etc on issues relating to rural development policies of Government to improve the quality of life in both rural and urban areas .
iii) To implement rural development/ empowerment program and schemes launch from time to time and amend thereof by either Central, State or local government for greater access of the citizen.


E. Women & Child Welfare:
i) To organize women & Child welfare awareness program the needy areas, the downtrodden & illiterate poor masses, specially child & pregnent women and to assist the department of health & family welfare in implementing their allied schemes.
i) To create awareness about forest conservation and to encourage the people for mass plantation of trees in the available land and to make environment polution tree for climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation.


F. Art & Culture:
i) To arrange various literacy & cultural programa, competition, game & sports in variuous areas and thereby try to encourage the VLEs and people in these fields.


G. Agriculture:
i) To organize training and awreness programs for modernization of agricuture, multiple cropping etc. to raise the level of consiousness productivity, income and standard of living of the farmers.